Do blogs help local seo?

That way, when people in your area need the service or product you offer and search for it on the Internet, your website is more likely to appear. Blogs can help you generate search traffic. Having a blog with new content is a great way to get new visitors to find your website and increase your search rankings. At some point, the package of 7 was reduced to a package of 3 and links to the local directory are no longer sufficient.

Search Geek Solutions recorded a 300% increase in the organic visibility of Bloomfield Dental Designs through the development of local content. In addition, Dallas SEO Dogs eliminated excess old school keywords and reinforced reduced content for a local bar, HIDE, in order to increase organic traffic by 72%. Kanuka Digital optimized the main navigation pages, meta titles and meta descriptions for key local phrases to increase goal conversions by 400% during the first month. Milestone increased organic traffic at Charley Creek Inn, a luxury boutique hotel, by 81% after improving the CMS with a calendar of events.

Anna is the assistant editor of Search Engine Journal. For the past 10 years, Anna has successfully managed it. A survey conducted by American Express showed that consumers choose local retailers over national chains because local companies have superior product knowledge and provide better service. It is possible that they have optimized their sites, obtained local citations and links, optimized their business profiles, improved their local version of Google+ (that is, if you are a local company looking to compete on local SERPs, having an active blog will help them improve their rankings).

Many local companies in highly competitive categories have already made it as simple as possible to optimize their businesses and position them as local. Blogging for individual locations is also a great way to boost SEO and connect with the location community for companies that run local landing page programs. Ranking well in local searches is crucial to the success of your local business, and a blog is a great way to improve your reputation. When people read your local SEO blogs and “like” them, they might subscribe to receive more information about you through email marketing campaigns.

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