How do you write local content?

According to Search Engine Land, geographically targeted pages must include at least 1,000 words of quality content. Optimize title tags, headings, URLs, and meta descriptions. Make local content creation a priority. By continuously dedicating time to it and striving to improve it, you should begin to see how the rewards come.

For example, if you have a local extermination business, you'll probably frequently work with a local laboratory, cleaning services, dry cleaners, and even experts from nearby universities to combat problems such as bedbugs. Historically, local SEO has been considered the art of directory optimization, Google business profiles, and locally published ads. If you're going to make an effort to create a local SEO content strategy, be sure to check all the boxes. However, writing consistently good content that is effective for SEO and that reaches a local audience can be a challenge.

Regardless of the vertical, the most common truth in local SEO is that most sites have absolutely horrible content. First, go back and read my June post on how to ask yourself the most important local SEO question. So while it's best to follow the tips above to do things right, you'll also want to avoid some common local SEO mistakes. Remember that if you want to use content as a tool to generate local traffic, you have to make it useful and local.

An IT company based in Canada, for example, decided to target local car dealerships by posting about local automotive events, IT trends, and more. The problem I often see is that many local business owners aren't aware of the effort that goes into creating content to publicize their business locally online, or they know it, but they just don't know where to start.

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