How are local searches ranked?

Google also considers the visibility of your company as a local ranking factor. Information about your company's prominence is collected on the web through links, articles, and directories. Here you will learn about 25 specific local positioning signals that you must understand and optimize to get the best possible performance in local search. You might know Google Business Profile by its previous name, Google My Business.

Requesting your Google business profile is easy and free. However, it's a strong ranking signal, so it's important that you request your Google business profile and that your name, address and profile are consistent. To dominate the world of local search and remain competitive, pay attention to how fast your site loads; otherwise, Google will rank you lower in local search results. Although they are related, the local map package and the local organic classification must be measured and tracked separately, since the elements and weights of these elements vary in terms of the impact they have on the visibility of a company.

Including other vital details such as name, address and phone number (NAP) on pages is essential for local SEO. Companies that want to appear at the top of local searches must request and configure their local listings, which increases their chances that Google and users will find them when searching for companies like yours. The importance of the Local Pack tool is evident because Google is constantly modifying the Local Pack tool to make it more useful for search engines. Optimizing for local search provides the opportunity for your website to appear at the top of the search results of local searches performed on mobile devices.

With the increase in spam lists in Google Search and Maps, a common tactic of local businesses and SEOs has been to audit search results to see if invalid or unsuitable companies are outperforming you or your customer. If you have a physical store or other local business listing, local SERPs can have a significant impact on how easily people can find your business online. That said, optimizing the content of your website for SEO is a crucial step when you're looking to improve your ranking in local searches. Google's local package consists of a user making a query with local intent and the three most relevant Google results appear above the organic listings.

Content can be in the form of blogs, local news, videos, local event announcements, graphics, etc. When it comes to local searches, local SERPs can differ a lot, and it's important for companies to be aware of the changes. Local sites offer excellent citation opportunities, as they are highly relevant and can improve your ranking in local searches.

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