Why are local searches important?

Local search is an integral part of any SEO strategy aimed at customers in a specific region, city, or neighborhood.

Local SEO

is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your company to be more visible in Google's local search results. Google recently announced another change to ensure that search results are even more local and relevant. Local SEO helps you optimize your website to rank better in search results and reach your local audience.

By optimizing your city and address, you help people find your company on the Internet and visit it offline. The importance of local SEO is that it's an effective way to promote your business online when you're looking to attract more people from your area to your store. That means it won't be that difficult to beat your local competitors in local searches to get all that business. When you create local SEO content, you'll want to include keywords that users use verbally to find your business.

This can be attributed to the fact that local SEO puts you in front of the customer at the exact moment they are looking for a product or service, which makes it much more likely that they will buy or, at least, request more information. Local appointments are cases in which the name, address and telephone number of your company are mentioned online, for example, on a local business listing. It's also important to know these factors in order to better optimize your local SEO plan and attract more foot traffic to your company. Specific, quality local traffic is always an advantage for you and local users are more likely to become customers.

Optimizing your business for local SEO allows you to promote your products and services to an audience of interested buyers, people close to your company and who are actively looking for a product or service that you sell. As a local business, you have the opportunity to appear in the main organic search results and in the local map package at the same time. In fact, only 44% of companies have applied for their Google My Business listing, which is one of the first steps in any local SEO optimization checklist. In addition to getting better visibility on Google's search engine results pages (SERPS), investing in local SEO has other advantages for small businesses.

It's great that so many people are searching online for a local business or that it's very likely to turn into a sale, but if your business isn't optimized for local searches, none of that will do you any good.

Andrea Pedraza
Andrea Pedraza

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